Let’s Get to Work.

Arizona’s District 16 deserves a representative who will listen to constituents—not cater to special interests.

I’ve pledged to refuse lobbyist, business, and PAC contributions, and I’m donating my entire State Senator post-tax salary to schools in district 16.  I’m not running to start a new career; I’m running because our state has big problems that need real solutions.

As the recent budget crisis demonstrates, our state has serious issues with bureaucracy. We need to pre-allocate funds to our public schools, pay teachers fairly, and protect our environment with common-sense initiatives. At the same time, we need to avoid tax increases to keep our state competitive and to encourage small business growth.  I believe that we can accomplish those goals through grass-roots bi-partisan cooperation.

One thing’s for sure: We need your help. 

Regardless of your abilities, age, or party affiliation, we need you. This is a bipartisan effort, so the ability to work with someone who has different opinions is a must. We will be organizing events throughout our communities, holding voter registration drives, and doing everything we can to give Arizona new leadership.

It’s time for reform and I need volunteers. Please sign up to become part of our team! 

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