Arizona 2018 Proposition Guide

Prop 306

This is a tricky prop that takes away power from the clean elections commission and transitions it to the AZ legislature. Prop 306 encourages corruption in politics. Prop 306 would put Clean elections into the hands of the governor, or rather a committee formed by the governor. Vote no.

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Prop 305

If you plan one proposition vote, please make it NO on 305.

The “Expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Referendum” supports Senate bill 1431, which would be an outright disaster for Arizona public schools if enacted. Supported by Betsy Devos and Governor Doug Ducey, it would allow any student to get a voucher on a prepaid gift card to use public education money for virtually any purpose. The wording on the ballot is incredibly confusing, and the bill allows for little oversight of the use of public funds.

For a party that claims fiscal conservativism, Prop 305 is one of the most indefensible entitlement programs imaginable, and it has the potential to end public schools and create massive educational inequalities throughout our state. Vote no.

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Prop 125

This bipartisan proposition simply reforms the existing retirement plan for correction officers and elected officials. It will change the Arizona Constitution to allow a reasonable cost-of-living adjustment for retired persons, and by some estimates, it will save taxpayers $275 million over the next few decades. Vote yes.

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Prop 126

At first glance, Proposition 126 seems like a slam dunk; called the “Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act,” it bans our state from imposing a sales tax on certain services.

But read the fine print – it restricts the ability of state and local governments to wisely invest public funds, which is absolutely imperative for a functional government. This proposition will eliminate the state’s ability to invest in transportation, police, fire departments, and public schools. This proposition is designed to protect the rich and devastate the poor. It will ensure that our sales tax rates continue to increase on necessities like food and everyday items. This is an unwise and dangerous threat to the future of the people of Arizona. Vote no.

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Prop 127

This proposition requires electric utilities that sell electricity in Arizona to acquire a certain percentage of that electricity from renewable resources each year. The percentage will gradually increase, so that by 2030, half of our state’s electricity will come from renewable sources.

I will be voting yes on this proposition. Clean energy is the future of our state; it’s an area where we have a chance to become a leader. It’s ridiculous that our state caters to the fossil fuel industry, and the fact that we’re actually falling behind other states in our utilization of solar energy is a clear signal that something needs to change. Vote yes.

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