Citi Simplicity Mastercard

A word of wisdom about this credit card: Citi lures you in with a 0% interest rate, but what most people don’t realize is that paperless billing is automatic. You won’t ever get a paper statement. So unless you are diligent enough to create an online account, you won’t know that your balance is overdue until it’s too late. Now I’m fighting them over bad marks on my otherwise perfect credit report. 

My advice -stay away from Citibank.  Hopefully spreading the word online such as on Google reviews, Yelp, Trustpilot, and other forums, I’ll be able to help stop people from making the terrible decision to apply for the Citi simplicity credit card. 

Our Campaign

Voters in Arizona’s 16th District deserve options. We need to pay teachers, reform our budget, encourage energy innovation, and protect small businesses. Here’s how we’re hoping to keep our great state moving forward.

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We’re fighting for our educators — but we can’t do it without your help. Sign up to help us spread the word.

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About Ben Carmitchel

As a small business owner, parent and activist, I’m uniquely qualified to represent the voters of the 16th District. I graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics. Shortly thereafter, I started a one-man small business. Through 20 years of hard work and persistence, my business enjoyed strong growth, and now has locations in the US and Canada. With this  experience, I understand how to create business-friendly policies that provide incentives for innovation without providing unfair corporate tax breaks, and I’m dedicated to bringing high-paying jobs to Arizona.

One of the most important part of bringing jobs to Arizona starts with a strong K-12 school system. After all, parents do not want to move to an area where their children will not have abundant educational opportunities. Both of my parents are lifetime educators, so I have a strong interest in our schools. In 2015, I became certified to teach in Arizona and then spent time in the classroom as a substitute for a few years. Through this experience, I quickly learned that our public education system was in serious trouble.  With the threat of another school closing due to lack of funding, I started an awareness campaign: Watch the Fox News Coverage here.  This campaign helped bring to light the terrible conditions that exist in Arizona’s public education system.  But it wasn’t until the teachers had finally had enough and decided to strike that I felt I could really make a change by running for office.

Through my research, I’ve learned that, by far, the main problem with our public school system was the introduction of publicly funded charter and private schools. This happened in the late 1990’s, when Arizona’s public school system was ranked 19th in the nation. Not too shabby compared to 49th right? I’ll go into detail about this in the “issues” section of my website, but simply put, these programs divert money from our public school system. If public funding of private schools and charters were never introduced, it’s estimated that Arizona’s public school system would still be ranked within the top 20 in the nation! Since the introduction of public money flowing to private schools, more and more tax dollars have to be diverted. The only way for Public schools to thrive is by relying on local tax referendums. I plan to reverse this downward spiral by completely eliminating public funding to private schools and privately-owned charters who break the law. It’s a bold move, but a necessary step that must be taken. In the end, Arizonans will enjoy better schools and lower taxes.

We also must reform our budget and eliminate the egregious corruption that has also resulted in higher taxes. As your State Senator, I pledge to fight for many issues plaguing our state, including:

  • Education Funding
  • Budget Reform
  • Healthcare Improvement
  • Responsible Environmental Protection
  • Eliminating Corruption in our Legislature

To do this, I’ll work together with both Democrats and Republicans on these non-partisan issues. I can’t do this without your help.

We need to build funding for this campaign—without taking money from PACs and special interest groups. Will you help us by committing time towards our movement?

To sign up as a volunteer, fill out the form on this page.


Election Countdown

It’s time to prepare for the final drive towards November 6th. Be sure to follow our social media pages and check back here for updates!

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